About Orchard Hills

At Orchard Hills Shopping Center, value is found every day by hundreds of bargain seeking shoppers (Ollies Bargain Outlet, Dollar Tree), as well as shoppers seeking products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, livestock, equine and pet care (Tractor Supply).  Convenience and access to great buys in everything from industrial farming to everyday household goods and groceries can be found here.

Health services (Family Health Council and Geisinger Health) and fitness facilities (Planet Fitness) to enhance quality of life forms an additional demographic and business hub creating wellness opportunities for everyone.

Career training, beauty and personal care (Empire Beauty School and CosmoProf) addresses another major demographic and market hub.

Financial Services and Investment Services (Edward Jones, Lendmark) brings in the monied interests.

And, let’s not leave out personal electronics and communication technology (T-Mobile).

A world of needs is addressed in these square feet.  Benefit from this synergy by adding your tenancy to the roster!